Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Portrait

Kate has about 40+ little people toys. She absolutely loves them all and plays with them all the time. While she plays with the she tells us who each one of them are. After discovering that most of their names are family members I decided to take a 'family portrait'.

My apologies to...........Uncle Robert, Daddy, and Uncle Aaron! Kate apparently didn't consider gender when naming her peoples.  And Auntie Jennie I'm sorry she thinks you're a clown??!! Strange for sure!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Meeting Rach (and her family)

What an AWESOME weekend we just had! We got to head down to Sacramento and meet my partner in scrap, Rachel. We also got to spend time with Uncle Robert and Aunt Laurie at their house in Galt.We left Friday after Conor got off work and the kids did amazing. Here's everyone on the ride down.

We got to Sacramento around 10 pm and got a tour of Robert and Laurie's house and got to see Charlie and Marcel again! We then got the beds set up and kids to sleep; and we followed soon after.
We woke up to the sound of Charlie barking once. He was baring at Kate who managed to climb out of the pack n play and make her way into the living room. I think she may have scared Charlie. We then got dressed and ready for the day and began our 1.5 hour drive to Vallejo and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. After blowing past the exit for Six Flags I just happened to take the next exit and which took me to Fairground Street which was the street SF was on. So we ventured down the street and sure enough found our way to the entrance. After paying for parking and navigating our way through we found a spot and got the stroller all filled with goodies, including the kids. Then I got a was Rach and she was in the parking lot between C & D just like we were. OMG....the time has's time to finally meet Rach! WOOT! After a long overdue hug we were on our way to a fun filled day at Six Flags.
Once inside Rach needed to quickly grab a stroller......well it ended up being not so quick so we watched a few little shows they had going on at the front entrance and took some pictures.

After Rach practically signed her life away to get a double stroller we were on our way. But first we took some photos by the dolphin fountain.
{the family}

{the whole group-unfortunately MJs head got cut off :( }

{MJ & Kate}

First up we got to feed the sea lions. Unfortunately Kate's fish got eaten by a pesky sea gull! We then went and ate some lunch and watched the penguins swim around.

We then got to pet some stingrays! Although Kate didn't really pet them she tried to but shied away when they'd come close!

Then we were off to see the dolphins. They had just wrapped up a little show and were playing around in their pool. They splashed around right by us-the girls loved it!
{nice hair Kate! LOL}

And while Rach and MJ went to go ride a whale ride the little girls got to play together!

And Dylan slept!

Then it was time for the little girls to ride some rides.
{Though you can't see Kate, Conor appears to be having an awesome time!}

{Dylan awake and chilling}

Next up it was off to see Shouka the whale. Before entering the stadium we stopped off at the view level and watched her for a bit. She was excited to see the kids and there was a little dolphin there too!

Then into the stadium we went. Conor and Dylan stayed outside the stadium and watched the strollers. It was probably about 95+ degrees that day and we were ready to get soaked so we sat in the splash zone and then moved over to the super soaker section when it got closer to the show starting and they opened that section. Boy did we get soaked!!! Shouka got us gooood! And it felt great-though it was salt water!
After getting wet and doing lots of animal visits we decided it was time to ride some roller coasters! Rach, MJ and I took a ride on the cobra and then Rach and I rode the Medusa and it was AMAZING! My first roller coaster ride in over 5 years and it was the best one to go on for sure. It was thrilling! However, after not eating much breakfast, or lunch and it being so hot I immediately got sick to my stomach after we got off the ride. Unfortunately we had sent the guys away to go ride it and we had to wait for them to get back before I could really do anything about it. Once the guys got back we decided to leave the park and head to a nice air conditioned restaurant. The closest one was Applebees and off we went. Once there we ate some great food, chatted, laughed and had a nice close to a wonderful, fun filled day!

{attempting to get a good pic of the girls}

By the time we parted ways it was 8 pm and we were exhausted and had an hour and a half car ride back to Galt. But it was well worth it!
Sunday morning we slept in and then packed up and left town. A stop off at Granzellas for lunch and then it was back on the road back home.
{Conor & Kate at Granzellas}

It was a quick weekend trip but sooo worth it! It was great to finally meet Rach and her family. I'm sure we will meet up again sometime-maybe in Pennsylvania!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's time...

to start this up again huh?

I've been thinking a lot lately about starting up my personal blog again. I'm not really sure what I'm going to blog about so it may be an adventure for all of us!

Let's start out with a kid update.

Kate is almost 3 years old! I can't believe my baby girl will be 3 next month. I'm not really sure where these past few years have gone but I know they have been some of the best ever!! Kate goes to Teacher Lauri's house 2 times a week and plays with her friends. She loves it there and I'm sure it's going to be difficult come September when she starts Preschool. Kate will be starting gymnastics soon, well as soon as I sign her up which I hope will be next week! She'll be doing that 2 days a week too and come September she'll be doing their ABC 123 program too! I can't wait to get her in more of a weekly routine this fall. I know she'll love it-that's her personality.

Dylan is 6 months and such a little joy. He is certainly a mamma's boy! He also loves to sit up, play with toys, roll over to his tummy and cry and enjoys playing with his big sister. At his last appointment he weighted 18 lbs 3 oz, 26.5 in long, and his head was 45.5 cm in diameter. His sleeping is....well.....getting better. He was waking up several times at night but once he turned 6 months I decided that just had to stop! So we brought Kate's bed into our room and put Dylan to bed in his crib in their room. When he wakes up at night we let him cry it out until he falls back to sleep. The first time he cried for 45 minutes, now he cries for maybe 15 minutes. Amazingly, for the most part I don't even hear it. And if I do I can easily fall back to sleep.

Conor and I are doing great too! I'm still working at the church part time. I am also leading a Beth Moore bible study on Saturday nights. The bible study just started this past Saturday and I think it's going to be AMAZING!! Conor is still working for Steve. He really enjoys his job over there and will hopefully find us a good house to buy! *fingers crossed on that one*

Well with that I'm going to wrap this up. I'll leave you with one of my answers from my bible study homework from this past week:

"Be who you are and not who the world tells you you have to be".